Our friends at Educate and Empower Kids have a contest going.

Educate and Empower Kids is a running a video scholarship contest that will only be going until mid-December.

Win a $1000 scholarship for making a 2 minute video!

The Empower Challenge is offering students ages 13 through college the opportunity to earn cash for school by using creativity in the video making process. Some of the themes include: Sex talks gone wrong – How have parents or teachers screwed up the sex talks? How media images affect kids’ daily lives – Does media affect kids negatively, positively, both? What are some examples? The negative consequences of porn – This could be biographical, what you’ve observed in society at large or in the relationships around you ​. ​

Several of these themes pertain to our Voices for Virtue. We are so excited about spreading awareness.

The deadline for submission is December 15!

Voices for Virtue is proud to support this worthy cause! Please share!

Empower Challenge

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