Where Can I Go to Get Help?

Sexual abuse is a modern plague that leaves broken and devastated people and families in its wake.  Its damage can be a life long struggle and affect generations.  As terrible as sexual abuse is there is hope.  Hope to eradicate it from our lives and society and more importantly, hope for the survivors to live full, wonderful, happy, fulfilling lives. Lives free from the damage, pain, anger and shame caused by their abusers.

If you have been abused there is something you can do to heal, completely, totally, and indefinitely.

First there are a few things to know and feel in your heart.

  1. You are not guilty. You are not to blame.  You are a survivor.
  2. Sexual abuse can become all-consuming but you are not your abuse. You are a whole person of which the abuse is but a part. There is more to your life that is good, wholesome, and healthy than there is dark and horrible.
  3. Abuse and it effects thrive in silence and secrecy. Shine a light on it and it diminishes and can go away.
  4. Healing from abuse is an individual journey. Everyone’s path to healing is their own and will take time and effort.
  5. There is someone in your life who loves and cares for you. They can help.  You do not have to walk the path of healing alone.

And most importantly—

6. God loves you and He is there to lift your burdens and heal your soul.

We know that in the times that are the darkest it may seem like God has abandoned you.  He hasn’t.  With His love you can be made whole as so many sexual abuse survivors will tell you.


Remember, no matter how far away you run from God, He is always there, ahead.

We at Voices for Virtue support the courage and determination of anyone working to recover from sexual abuse.   We know that with understanding comes enlightenment. With this in mind, we have compiled an extensive list of resources that you or someone you know suffering from sexual abuse can use to get the knowledge and help needed to start the healing process.

Go to VoicesforVirtue.org/sexualabuse to get the resources needed to start the journey to healing.

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