Every human has the innate desire to connect with others and to belong.  We are truly happy when we feel safe and are able to trust, love, and sacrifice for others.  However, when we are selfish we cannot truly connect with others.  If we only use others to fulfill our own desires, we will not be satisfied in our relationships.

Similarly, sex can unify couples only if they are able to trust and serve one another.  

You can practice creating emotional connections before marriage by developing courage, vulnerability, honesty, charity, and a willingness to trust those around you.  Start by being selfless today!  You will then be prepared to someday connect emotionally with your partner through sexual intimacy.

Where Do You Stand?

Check your progress in the emotional dimension of healthy sexuality with the following questions:

Do I feel comfortable sharing my true feelings, even the negative ones, with those close to me?

Am I serving and loving those around me? Or do I judge and act selfishly?

Who in my life do I feel emotionally connected to? How can I develop that in other relationships?

Can I share my real thoughts without worrying that others will think badly of me?

Am I honest and trustworthy even when no one else is watching?

When was the last time I did something for someone that I knew I would never get repaid for?

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