Our Bodies Are Gifts From God

Each of our bodies are beautiful gifts given to us from God that help us experience happiness.  We should respect our bodies and treat them as sacred, because they are literally God’s creations!

Just as God created our flesh and bones, He also created the natural feelings inside our bodies.  This means that the feelings of attraction generated in puberty are normal and healthy.  However, we must keep our physical touch within the boundaries that God has set for us.  

Physical Touch in Relationships

When we become close to someone, we naturally desire to become close with them physically as well.  Our physical expressions of love such as hugging, kissing, holding hands, etc. cause us physical pleasure, a pleasure that God designed our bodies to experience.  However, God wants us to use physical touch only in a way that is in line with His commandments.

We must also use touch honestly.  Remember, physical touch sends the message that we care for others, and we must not be dishonest by making someone think that we care about them when we only want to use them as objects to satisfy our physical desires.  

The Whole Picture

When we show physical affection appropriately, we prepare to be one physically with our sexual partners in the future. This helps you not only feel physical pleasure, but through virtuous living, you will also become emotionally and spiritually connected with your partner.  Only then can you experience true joy through healthy and virtuous sexuality.



Where Do You Stand?

Check your progress in the physical dimension of healthy sexuality with the following questions:

Do I see my body as a beautiful gift from God? 

Do I see others’ bodies as gifts from God?

Do I treat my body with respect by dressing modestly and leading a healthy lifestyle?

Do I reserve physical touch for those that I truly care about?

Do I respect others by not using them as objects to satisfy my physical desires?

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