God created sex so that husbands and wives could strengthen their relationship and create children.  Sex is beautiful and wonderful in the way that God has designed it, and we do not have to feel shame when we act sexually in line with God’s commandments.  He doesn’t want us to have sexual relations in any way outside of marriage because it harms our ability to have happy relationships. He has given us these boundaries to protect us because He loves us.

All of our sexual experiences affect both our bodies AND our spirits. When we use our bodies in a way that is out of line with God’s commandments, we hurt our spirits. But when we express ourselves sexually in the way that God has designed, it helps our spirits grow and progress and we come closer to Him.  

God can help us have strong relationships with fulfilling sex lives if we rely on Him and keep His commandments.  God has promised us that He will strengthen us and bless us in our lives if we follow Him, and the sexual part of our lives is no exception to this promise.

Bottom line: If we express ourselves sexually in the way that God wants us too, we will be BLESSED and HAPPY beyond description.

Where Do You Stand?

Check your progress in the physical dimension of healthy sexuality with the following questions:

Is the way I express my sexuality in line with God’s commandments?

Am I treating my body the way Heavenly Father wants me to?

Am I helping others understand God’s plan for sexuality based on the way I act?

Do I understand why God created sex and why it is part of his plan?

Do I see sex as beautiful and sacred rather than evil and worldly?

What messages is the world trying to send me about sexuality? Are they in line with God’s view of sexuality and His commandments?

Am I doing things to constantly strengthen my relationship with God? (reading scriptures, daily prayer, service, etc.)

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