By Power Voice Kiana Brielle

We live in a day in age where virtue is becoming more scarce. Where the laws of God
are being abandoned and violence and destruction fills our news feed. Our generation needs
the Lord now more than ever before. One of my favorite things about living for Christ is how
virtue is seen as beautiful and praiseworthy. It is living with high moral standards, including how
you think and act in all things. It is turning away from media that doesn’t uplift ur or uphold our
standards, even when everyone else is using it. And the world may mock us and think that
keeping the law of chastity or dressing modestly is old fashioned and uncool. Or that listening
to music with a few cuss words or a movie with just one bad scene in it doesn’t really matter.

But it does.

Our spirits are sacred and they are sensitive. Everything we do and use throughout our
day affects our spirits in either a negative or a positive way. And sometimes it can be hard to
turn off your favorite show or to delete the music you love when you realize that it doesn’t draw
you closer to God. But when you are filled with the spirit, you desire to do what is right in the
sight of God, no matter that others say. And the Lord always adds His strength to your efforts if
you rely on Him.

The more that I have worked in my life to put God first, the more that I have come to love
myself just as I am. I don’t have to look a certain way or be the type of person that the world
wants me to be to fit in. I am beautiful in the eyes of God for just being His daughter. And what
is “cool” to God is being virtuous.

We must stand up for what we know is right! We must have the courage to be guardians
of virtue!! The world will try and tear down the most sacred things of God, but we can defend
Him by living virtuously and for the Him in all things. Remember that you are never alone.
There are so many of us out there that are striving to do what is right and be a light unto this
world. Keep it up, warriors of Christ!! And always remember to rely on Him!


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