Do you see it? A SALE sign in the street. Bundled up people walking through snow. Flashing lights telling you to come in now while you still have a chance.

Do you hear it? The sound of boots and heels hitting concrete as people push through mall stores. All sorts of noise and tunes playing to catch a glazed look.

Do you feel it? The anxious desire to buy more to satisfy some part of you that feels a little empty. The nervous rush out of parking lots to yet another store to try and fill another wish order.

It is Christmas time. It is a time of increased buying and eating. It is a time of fun and family for some, and heartache and loneliness for others. But no matter where you are, December 25 comes to all of us. And what do we do about it?

Some of us choose to focus on the material goods. After all, we all feel a little exhilaration opening that wrapping paper. We all want to feel important enough to someone to get that gift under the tree. We all love a new toy, gadget, clothing item, jewelry piece, etc. And for a moment it feels like we will have enough. But somewhere between 7 pm that night and December 27, the thrill runs out and we are left to the lives we had before. Another year to go.

Others choose to focus on things that are a little more important and lasting. They look forward to seeing family and friends, reminiscing of times past, and loving those around them. Many are lucky enough to eat good food and have a warm place to rest. Some aren’t as lucky, but all who focus on this aspect of Christmas find joy in their hearts that last quite a bit longer.

There is nothing wrong with either of these options, but I wonder if we sometimes miss why Christmas is so important. “Christ mas (more)” “More Christ”. How many of us decide to increase our prayers and scripture study to have more Christ in our lives? Are we truly thinking about the Savior more? I know I need to do better at it.

Jesus Christ is the reason we have anything to celebrate. Without Him, we wouldn’t be able to be cleansed of our mistakes. We wouldn’tknow what God expects of us. We wouldn’t know who God even is! Jesus Christ is the helping hand when we are about to give up. Jesus Christ knows us more than we know ourselves and loves us anyway. Jesus Christ came in a manger, died on a cross, resurrected on the third day, and is helping all of us along our own journeys. Only He can really heal all our wounds and fill all our hearts.

So maybe today you can decide to think a little bit more about Him. Maybe that’s what He really wants for His birthday. Maybe you can share that love with others. I am sure that is what He wants.

Do you see it? The star in heaven. The babe lying in the manger. The tears falling down the faces of both wise men and shepherd boy.

Do you hear it? The choirs of angels singing Hallelujah in the sky. The soft footsteps of the animals as they reverence the Lamb of God. The silent and holy night.

Do you feel it? The eternal glow of love that mystifies every heart. The “peace of God which passeth all understanding” (Philippians 4:7). The quiet confidence that comes in knowing Jesus Christ and what He wants for you.

I hope you can. I know He wants you to.

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